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Rhinestone Western Scroll Saddle Blanket


Western Rhinestone Show Saddle Blanket with Beautiful Scroll Rhinestone Design.  Show Blanket is 36"x34" Wool with no-curl edges, weighs 4lbs.   Use blanket over your saddle pad and turn your pad into a Rhinestone Saddle Pad.  Saddle blanket comes in any color you desire. 

Contact me to order Rhinestone Saddle Blankets for Trophy Awards sharonq01@yahoo.com .   BUDGET Rhinestone Blanket on acrylic bling lightweight (2.2lb) blanket for $15 less. Durable and tight-woven construction and they're washable. Please email sharonq01@yahoo.com to order - i will send paypal invoice.

OPTIONS: I can add a rhinestone Pistols, Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, Cross, or Skull and crossbones. 

Pink Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, Purple Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, Orange Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, Turquoise Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, Red Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, Lime Green Rhinestone Saddle Blanket, ... any color

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